09 October 2012


Just got word from the provincial that Fr. Aaron Arce, OP died this morning.


P.S. Fr. Aaron was the cheeky friar who coined the term, "Ample Friar" to refer to those of us--like himself--who are less than Gym Bunny sized.

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  1. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord....

    Thank you Fr. P for giving us the opportunity to pray for him.

  2. Joshua Quick6:05 PM

    Eternal Rest for Aaron.

    I lived in the convent with Aaron in STL. I am saddened for all of us yet rejoice in his newfound eternal life.

    My prayers and sympathies for Aaron's family, friends and Dominican brothers.

    Joshua Quick

  3. fr. Dismas, OP11:17 PM

    Rest in peace, brother!

  4. I'm not sure that I will be allowed to post this because I am not a Dominican. But I thought that I would try to reach out to Aaron's Dominican Brothers and Sisters.
    Aaron and I have been friends since 1969. We were in the Teacher Corps together and there are several of us who have remained friends for over 40 years. So we may have known him longer than any of the Dominican Brothers. Aaron and I usually talked on Sundays. I was going to call him last Sunday. And then a friend sent his obituary from the Houston Chronicle on Saturday. I so hope that he didn't suffer.
    I have spoken quite regularly with Aaron throughout the years and we have visited in various cities. Most recently we celebrated his 65th birthday in San Francisco. Aaron has always spoken with love about his family and he has been consistently grateful for his life as a Dominican. I have always been convinced that he was meant to be a Dominican Father. He was so kind and giving to others. It has been an honor to be his friend. Diane
    I know that you believe that he's in a better place - with the God that he loved and served. For me - right now - I'm just missing him. There are a few of us outside the Dominicans who loved Aaron and will miss him too. I live in California and would have been at the funeral had I known. My heart goes out to the Dominicans who knew Aaron.