13 October 2012

Crypto-Marxist megabores vs. Young Catholics

The Inimitable Damien Thompson riffs on recent news from America that mainline Protestants no longer dominate our religious culture.

Among other bits of news and commentary, we read: 

Also – and I can’t tell you how much pleasure it gives me to report this – the Vatican has pulled a fast one by appointing two new diocesan bishops, Mark Davies of Shrewsbury and Philip Egan of Portsmouth, who are in tune with conservative youngsters rather than an English Catholic bureaucracy run by crypto-Marxist megabores trained in the public sector.

After I finished wiping the spewed water off my screen, I reflected on the genius of our current Holy Father and prayed hard for his health and safety.

Some dioceses in the US are waking up to the reality that young men called to serve as priests and those called to serve as religious look upon the last forty years of theological and liturgical innovation, experimentation, and dissent as a travesty.  And these dioceses are welcoming these men and women into their discernment programs with open arms. . .much to the horror and despair of some.  

Even some religious orders have figured out that almost no one under 30 who's discerning a religious vocation is remotely interested in liberationist, "social justice," protestantized Catholicism.   Nor do they really crave the largely fictitious Leave It to Beaver Catholicism of the 1950's.  They simply want orthodoxy, fidelity to the magisterium

The "crypto-Marxist megabores" in the bureaucratic machinery of dioceses and vocations offices all around the country are sweating.  Why?  'Cause they have intellectually, vocationally, and spiritually contracepted themselves into an inevitable extinction.  Unfortunately for the young men and women entering into the service of the Church, these guys aren't going out w/o a fight. 

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  1. On the plus side I'm seeing more young, orthodox Catholics in diocesan bureaucracies -- not many, mind you (I still see a lot of gray heads when I go to national meetings) but I think we'll see a sea change in the next 5-10 years as the Boomers retire.

    (And I'll note that both our diocesan vocations director and associate director are under 40 and committed to a vibrant orthodoxy!)

    1. JS, from your lips to God's ears! I agree. . .in many religious communities there is a definite shift toward orthodoxy and allegiance to the magisterium. I can't speak for diocesan bureaucracies, but one can hope and pray.

  2. Pray for us in the Diocese of Rochester (NY) -- and our future bishop!

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