01 September 2012

We're alive and kicking, y'all. . .

Aight. . .

We're back.

Power went out Tuesday around 8.10pm and just popped back on at 5.30pm today.  That's four days without power (i.e., no A/C) in August in NOLA!  The digital thermometer on my wall reads 91. 

Let's just say that we had a lot of community time together and I got a lot of reading done.

There was no flooding in this part of the city.  No real wind damage either.  Apparently, the problem with this hurricane was its duration over the city. . .it hung around for almost 36 hrs.  Compare this to Katrina which blew through in about 6 hrs.  Oh, and Isaac was a direct hit on NOLA while Katrina hit east of us on the MS coast.

Anyway, all is well here at St Dominic's!  Many thanks for your prayers!

P.S.  More than anything else. . .I am just grateful not to be wet anymore.  I might have grown some mold.  

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  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Thank God...!

    Welcome back...your absence left us all worried...

  2. I checked in several times but figured you were without power and imagined August in NO without air conditioning! Glad that you are all well@

  3. "I am just grateful not to be wet anymore." Some people just don't know when they are lucky. I live in the West of Scotland. I don't think I've been "not wet" yet. But I'm only 60. And we ARE talking on the outside.

    "Monsoon", etymologists tell us, comes via the Portuguese "monção" [the Portuguese have for long been associated with Goa] from the Arabic [for a very long time most of Portugal was Muslim ruled] mawsim (موسم "season"). That via may have been by way of early modern Dutch "monsun".

    This is all nonsense. Monsoon comes from Broad Scots, as in: "C'mon, son, get in oot the rain."

    Anyway, glad that Gods dogs are safe and well. My friend's younger brother is one of your Scottish cousins, Fr Brendan Slevin OP, Chaplin to the University of Strathclyde. Last time I was in Rome (late November 2007 for the consistory), I went to confession at St Mary Major's and was heard by Fr Norbeto Castillo OP, who had spent a year at Edinburgh University and knew Brendan. I was also introduced to the then Fr Gus diNoia by one of our Scottish priests who worked under him at the CDF (Msgr Pat Burke).

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  5. So glad to know you're well. Isaac kindly sent us days of desperately needed, soaking rain up here in Missouri, but I'm sorry it came at such a cost to those of you down south.

  6. Good morning, Father Mouldy!
    Indeed, so glad y'all came through unscathed. My thoughts and prayers were (and still are)often with you and all those in the areas impacted by the storm - I remember those many days without electricity or drinkable water after Hurricane Frederic. Out here the big storms are in the winter - I haven't yet decided which is worse: no A/C in a Southern summer or no heat in a Pacific NW winter. Either way, glad you are well and are now enjoying the de-humidifying effects of air conditioning :-).