27 August 2012

Update & Thanks

Still sunny and hot here in the Big Easy. . .no orders to evacuate yet.  Seems like most around here are hunkering down for a Cat 1 hurricane and not much more.  The city gov't is assuring everyone that the levees and canals have been sufficiently upgraded to deal with any serious flooding.  We'll see.

Also, I rec'd a book today from the Wish List, Pelikan's Credo.  No name on the invoice, so I don't know who to thank.  Anyway:  Thanks!


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  1. A Cat 1 hurricane and not much more? That could still be pretty significant. Hope you weather the storm safely.

    1. Ron, Katrina was a 5. Mandatory evac doesn't occur until a storm reaches 2-3. So, all things considered, we're "happy" with a 1. :-)