01 July 2012

No Sunday Homily, Father?

This is the deacons' weekend to preach. . .so, no homily from yours truly!

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  1. Well, for me at least, Ss. Peter and Paul's WAS the sunday homily... :)

  2. No homily? Then you should have had lots of time to write an interesting post! Tell us about the Master's visit. Did he speak English? Who was the socius with him--Ruane or Izzo?

    1. Faith, mea culpa. I slept in. Bad friar!

      The Master visits this priory on Friday. I've met him several times in Rome. He's French. . .but I don't hold that against him. His English is pretty good, though he doesn't speak Italian. Something he is no doubt working on. Fr. Bruno is a physician and a bio-ethicist. He's brought two socii with him, Fr. Rakash (India) and Fr. Ruane (USA).