06 July 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Nuns on a Bus received funding from atheist Soros.  Keep up the great P.R., sisters!

Another fake "hate crime."  It's time to repeal these laws against UnGood Think.

John XXIII was not the revolutionary that Cafeteria Catholics think he was.

Priorities: CA circles the economic bowl, SanFran Dem proposes law to further weaken the family.

What the Court decision on ObamaCare did and did not say is constitutional.  Excellent. 

Wait!  I thought the Catholic Church was the enemy of science and medicine?

To wit:  a report from the Modern Science/Ancient Faith Conference.

Some good news about priests:  The 10 Most Amazing Priests!

Nine recent violations of our religious liberties. Remember: even when they lose, they win. Making the faith seem "extreme" is a slow process.  Every attempt is a win for the Enemy.

Woman who thanked B.O. for ObamaCare was a plant.  Figures.

10 suggestions for Catholic evangelization via social media.

On the need for clear distinctions:  liberation theology and the newly appointed chief of the CDF.  

Man Candles: a review.  Having an uber-sensitive nose, I'm a fragrance freak.  Maybe I need to look into these candles.  Do they make them votive-sized?

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