01 June 2012

A wee bit of beggin'

Aight. . .I haven't begged for books in a while. . .mostly b/c I'm not in school anymore (Deo gratias!) and b/c I've not been teaching.  

Starting June 11th and going 'til Aug 2nd I'll be teaching in the archdiocese's catechists' certification program.  The texts for the classes I'm teaching are provided by the program. . .however, Teacher always needs a few extra volumes to stay ahead.

Sooooooo. . .check out the Wish List and see if the Spirit moves you to shoot a couple my way!  (Granted, not all of them are faith-related.  Ahem.)

My Book Benefactors have saved my meager library budget a lot of money and made it possible for me to complete my studies in Rome.  

Now, you can help me teach the teachers of Nawlins' so they can go out and teach our kids.

God bless, Fr. Philip Neri, OP


  1. Too funny, as I sent one earlier today - and now have sent you another. We need good catechists if we are to keep Catholic youths strong in the faith.
    Hope you enjoy them, and have a great weekend. We might actually see the sun and get to 60 degrees up here :-). Break out the shorts.

    1. Well, well. . .someone's angling to be promoted from Sweetie to Sweetie-Pie!

      Thanks, Shelly. . .you will forever be associated in my mind with a Thomistic dictionary!

      God bless, Fr. Philip Neri, OP

  2. "you will forever be associated in my mind with a Thomistic dictionary"
    Thanks...I think.