30 May 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Fisking the media narrative:  Evil Vatican Bullies vs. Poor Helpless Nuns.

Two views on The Sisters.  The MSM is living in the 1950's on this issue.

He didn't have an argument for a first term. . .why should he have one for a second?

Catholic Democrat defects to the GOP. . .not that the GOP fully embraces Catholic social teaching.

The empty spiritual calories of modern heresies.  There is no new heresy under the sun.

The Tiresomeness of Maureen Dowd.  M.D. is what happens when reason is clouded by passion.


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  1. So Father, you won't rally for "Nun Justice"? : )

  2. Sure! But I have the feeling that the justice the LCWR needs is not the justice that they want.

  3. The bell rang and Pavlov's dog drooled. The bishops affirm Catholic teaching and Maureen Dowd foams at the mouth.

    From the pictures I've seen, the dog was cuter. Other than that, no difference.

  4. Ludi Domestici9:51 PM

    Well, we learn tonight that Cardinal Dolan bribed child rapists. Nice. I'll remember that when I hear that fraud bloviating on TV about how he is being persecuted by the Obama administration's war on "religious liberty". His moral authority = NIL. Instead of turning child rapists over to the police, he paid them tens of thousands of dollars (I wonder how the parishoners who filled the collection plates feel?) to them to walk away quietly. Pathetic.

    1. L.D., so. . .b/c Crdl Dolan allegedly committed Sin X, he's disqualified from defending the faith? There's a name for that heresy: Donatism! By your "logic" the LCWR should've stopped talking decades ago. LCWR has repeatedly refused to address sex abuse among its members:


      If the abuse scandal prevents the Church from defending the faith (and it doesn't), then why doesn't it prevent the LCWR from "bloviating on TV about how [they're] being persecuted by the [Vatican]"?

    2. Ludi Domestici11:06 AM

      Cardinal Dolan can go on Meet the Press as often as he wants and "defend the faith" all he wants. And now, when I watch him, I'll be thinking, "There is a man who paid bribes/hush-money to child rapists. There is a man who put the public image of the church above the safety, health, and lives of the most innocent among us - children who were in his care as members of the diocese where he was bishop. There is a man who has a seriously disordered understanding of Christ's message in the Gospel. There is a man who need not be taken seriously concerning a faith he so disgustingly disregarded when it was inconvenient for him. There is a rank hypocrite." He can defend, defend, defend all he wants. He's disqualified from being taken seriously.


    3. L.D., and what does Dolan's mishandling of sexual abuse have to do with the MSM's persistence in lying about the CDF's efforts to convert the LCWR to the Catholic faith?

      Once again, the bishops' failure to do their duty does not excuse the LCWR's heresy-mongering. The two are unrelated.