12 May 2012

Working. . .

Thank you all for the questions!

Just FYI:  I'm working on my responses.  Look for them later today.

God bless, Fr. Philip Neri, OP

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  1. ModerateRealist2:08 PM

    Off topic. A friend asked me for a good bio of St Francis. I recommended Augustine Thompson's new book...and as cyberlinks go, one thing led to another and I found the primitive Constitutions of the OP. A great line therein, which shows the wisdom of the medievals:

    "In virtue of the Holy Spirit and under penalty of excommunication, we expressly forbid any of our brethren, from this day forward, to negotiate for or work to the end that the care or charge of nuns
    or any other women be committed to our brethren.
    Anyone who presumes to act contrary to this shall be subject to the penalty of a more grave fault."


  2. Well, we left that behind long ago.