07 May 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing (Afternoon Edition)

Empty seats for an empty campaign event, starring an Empty Suit.

Steyn rips B.O.'s composite (i.e., "fake") girlfriend, his creepy campaign woman-bot (Julia), AND that "Indian women" running for the Senate in MA. 

America's future is France.  Eventually, you run out of other people's money. 

Chutzpa:  B.O. tells France's new socialist prez not to raise taxes and increase gov't spending.

Comment dites-vous, foutre le camp outta Dodge?

Best Tweet caption for this pic:  "Taxidermists strive to not make eyes look that creepy."

U.N. to U.S.:  return stolen land to the "Indians."  I'm all for it. . .if it means dismantling the useless and expensive U.N. and ejecting it from Indian land.

Say NO to wimpy priests!  (But not being wimpy doesn't mean being a jerk)

What's got BXVI smiling?  I mean, besides Jesus. . .

Is better marketing the solution to the Church's Youth Drain?  No.  Challenge them with the Real Faith and they'll hang around.  Kids can spot a gimmick miles before it arrives.

Jesuits invite B.O.'s Top Abortion Pusher to their commencement.  Well, they covered the "IHS" for him in 2009, so why not?

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  1. So when will we be getting rid of life teen

  2. Jason, I'm not following you. . .

  3. Do you consider Life Teen to be gimmicky or a real challenge for young people to grow in there faith.

  4. Scott W.7:11 AM

    I assume Jason is referring to your link about the Church Youth Drain and implying that Life Teen is basically the Catholic version of gimmicky Protestant attempts to appeal to youth. I happen to agree with him as a former CCD director who let the LT camel's nose in the tent at my parish and came to regret it.

  5. Generally, I'm opposed to all gimmicks, esp. when it comes to the Mass.

    LT is a gimmick of sorts. The danger with programs like LT is that they set kids up to expect entertainment at Mass rather than reverent worship. When they go to college or another parish as adults, they won't find LT style worship and end up leaving the Church for one of those mushroom churches out in the 'burbs with a band and big screen videos.