09 March 2012

Time for the Liberal/Nominal Catholics to Get Out!!!

From The Gateway Pundit comes this lovely bit of anti-Catholic bigotry:

Of course, many Catholics would be more than happy to see our Lib/Prog/Lefty brothers and sisters hit the door and never look back.  But that bit of wishful-thinking falls right into the hands of those who are seeking to divide the Church against herself.  Let's hope and pray that any "liberal/nominal Catholic" soul who might read this propaganda will see it for what it is and choose instead to reject the discrimination, hatred, and bigotry that this ad represents in favor of tolerance and the right to one's religious liberty.

NB.  Click the Gateway Pundit link above to read the text of the ad. . .if you can stand it.

P.S.  I'm waiting breathlessly for the FFRF to publish a similar ad urging Muslims to leave Islam for all the same reasons that they are urging "liberal Catholics" to leave the Church.  I'm sure the text of that ad is just waiting at the printer's office even as we speak. . .


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  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    ah yes. At first, I thought it might be some angry Catholics but now I see it is not. I suppose, pray tell, what would happen to that editors head if they were to change it to Muslim/Islam?

  2. Anonymous4:35 PM

    A fair number of “"liberal” Catholics that I have encountered during this time of tribulation take the view that we all take with our families: “What ever my differences with my family, I will defend them from strangers who mean them harm.”

    Or, reduced to simple to understand elementary school recess rules (which appears to be necessary with Freedom From Religion Foundation crowd and their pals at HHS), “I’m allowed to play keep-away with my sister’s hat, she my sister. You are not related to us, so give me back that hat right now before I smack you.”

  3. You know Father, I've wondered for a long time why they don't just leave. If they consider the Church that bad, why do they stay? Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, but it would seem the thing to do.

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    This will be moment of truth for the graying, vapid and anti-Catholic LCWR. Will they be with the Church or against her? Will they speak out (and will their speech be in the Catholic direction), or will they remain silent (and therefore anti-Catholic)? The LCWR makes far too many "policy statements" on all manner of topics that have absolutely nothing to do with Catholicism or religious life for any silence on their part to be genuine. I'm also waiting for strong and unambiguous leadership on all of this from our Bishops-as-a-group. I know, my hopes are probably all unrealistic.

  5. Anonymous10:12 PM

    May Jesus Christ Be Praised!

    It would seem to me that the article labeled as 'hate speech' has really challenged Catholics to be what it really means to be Catholic--not a dissenter, but an obedient believer. It is time for those who are not really Catholic in the true sense of the word to leave. One either accepts what the Church teaches or one does not. The nagging whining complaining heretics who remain members of Christ's Church only tear away at the fabric of Her authenticiy. Leave and at least have the integrity to live as you really believe. The Catholic Chrch is not for you to change according to your own whims and fancies.

  6. Poor sinner that I am, I agree (emotionally) with the sentiment that liberal catholics should just get out. But the great bishop of Hippo insists that it is better that they stay close to the fount of grace. Lord, open my heart that I may love my enemies, will them good, be zealous for their salvation!