06 March 2012

Monday Fat Report (Octave): UPDATED

Come Back Week, baby!  :-)

-3 to 323lbs.  I was afraid that I had plateaued.  

Keep those prayers going. . .they are probably the only thing keeping me from ravaging the local Chinese buffet like a diet-crazed Godzilla.

Fr. Philip Neri, OP

P.S.  I've been informed by some Know-It-All with a calculator that 327-3=324 not 323, meaning I've allegedly lost four lbs instead of three.   This is obviously an accounting trick borrowed from B.O.'s economic advisory council.  I'll stick with the facts, thank you very much.


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  1. Gregg the Obscure11:15 AM

    OK, I know you're not a mathemetician, but the last total was 327, so if you're at now 323, that's four pounds instead of three. In any event, many congratulations!

    Perhaps some other prayers may be answered soon too.

  2. and proudly post it under "How much lighter am I this week?"

  3. I forgot! Thanks for the reminder. . .

  4. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Have you considered asking your physician about Qnexa the new diet medication recently approved by the FDA?

  5. Congrats Father! Know that I am still praying for you on this journey.