29 February 2012

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Democrat Rep booed by her bosses after she mouths W.H. talking points defending the HHS violation of our religious liberties.   This scene needs to be repeated nationwide.

Lefty Sisters pat B.O. and B.O.Care on the back.  Too bad the apostolic visitation was total bust. . .Naming Names: the signatories of the Court brief.

Interesting. . .self-insuring unions have been exempted from ObamaCare mandates.  But self-insuring religious institutions have not.  I guess those religious nuts haven't paid up their protection money. 

Young woman apologizes to the Religion of Peace in Afghanistan for those American soldiers who threw themselves in front of terrorist bullets. (Language warning)

Too bad Christians can't get someone in the W.H. to apologize to us for violating our God-given religious liberties. 

Walker Percy:  a candidate for suicide?  Fr. Robert Barron. . .

The Curt Jester has links to lots of BXVI ebooks.   Great Lenten reading!

Liberal Catholic Elite betray their tradition of supporting religious liberty.

Quick look at some basic logical fallacies in philosophy and theology.  These are the most common fallacies we all make all the time.

BBC boss confesses that programming critical of Islam is a No-No.  Anti-Christian programming is OK.

"I'd rather go to heaven with the androids."  Heh.

This is me today. . .sans the cool hat.

Nutella. . .it does a body good.


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