25 January 2012

Things Presbyterian Seminarians Say. . .

Hilarious!  Not sure how many Catholics will get this. . .but it is hilarious:

H/T:  the Great Bearded Sage-Yeti of the Northwest (Mark Shea)

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  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Sad to say, I get most of this.

  2. BTW, Father, since you love poetry and you love dogma, have you ever read Santayana's essay, The Poetry of Christian Dogma, in his collection Interpretations of Poetry and Religion? Done in 1900. Some good stuff there.

    I have often sympathized with his approach/avoidance attitude to Catholicism: "There is no God, and Mary is His Mother."

  3. Anonymous6:22 PM

    From someone converting to Catholicism from having been Presbyterian for 40 years, just let me say this is hilarious and cringeworthy because it's so TRUE!

  4. Anonymous1:36 AM

    Laughed out loud and then thought, 'really?'