23 January 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, “In effect, [B.O.] is saying we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences."  Even pro-abort/pro-contraceptive "Catholics" have to see that this is only the first salvo in B.O.'s war on the Church. 

B.O. knows who the enemy is.

Another extended crashed cruise ship metaphor:  The Sinking of the West.  Cf. the links above.

Let the E.U. Nannies find the money to defend themselves!  The cradle to grave socialism of the E.U. is made easier to maintain by a massive subsidy called. . .the American Armed Forces.

Newt wins in S.C.  I think this is more about sticking it to the Palace Guard Media than it is about the voters' comfort with Newt.
Cardinal Mahony attacks B.O. and his power grab over the Church.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Maybe the 52% of Catholics who voted for The One might get it right next time around?

The Occu-Bears!  (You make this stuff up, people.)

You GOT that!?

Funny. . .don't know why.


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  1. As for the 52%, it would depend on how many feel an obligation to obey. If '08 was any indication, they apparently don't. Also, many of those same so-called Catholics support abortion. I wonder how twisted their understanding of Theology and Christ must be to be ok with it.

    Steyn's column was very well done. Then again, they usually are. Be well Padre'!
    BTW, you still around Louisiana? I'll be in Lake Charles area in May. At least, that's my current plan...

  2. Bill, I know a lot of friars who supported BO in '08 who now realize and accept that their support was based on little more than wanting to vote for a black candidate or Whoever the Democrats Nominated. There are a lot of Catholics out there who cannot--for cultural reasons--bring themselves to vote GOP. (Not that the GOP should automatically get Catholic votes)

    I'm in N.O., Lakeview area.

  3. Padre', all due respect, but to vote for a candidate based on skin color is just wrong, and a bit cynical, don't you think? I myself am quite conservative, but I have voted for a few Democrats in my time. That said, I could not vote for a pro abort repub, ever. I'll try and look you up when I come down, if that's ok...

  4. Bill, voting for or against a candidate b/c of skin color is most definitely a problem. Their idea was that it was more important to have a black Prez than a pro-life Prez. . .they saw BO's election as a sign that racial divides had been healed. They weren't expecting him to be such a polarizing figure. Why they thought he would be anything but--given his history as a Chicago Democrat--is beyond me.

    Sure, look me up!

  5. Cassandra's Brother12:12 PM

    The hierarchy (and the Pope) who are now complaining about the BO admin's infringement of their rights have long been supporters of larger and more paternalistic government, based on their collectivist "social justice" ideology. And now when the massive beast Leviathan turns his power-hungry gaze on them, they are shocked that the imaginary line protecting them from an ever-expanding state --driven in the US by significantly anti-Christian progressives-- turns out to be...imaginary. It would be too much to hope that this would wake them up. But I have say that I have little sympathy for them now. They helped create this. Like your OP brothers who voted for O because he's half-Black. I thought Dominicans were supposed to be smart.

  6. C.B., OP's are supposed to be smart. . .but even the smartest among us can fall prey to ideology and prejudice. Pray for us!