06 January 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

An Italian photojournalist documents how his colleagues manufacture Mid-East conflict for $$$.
Salvation Army supports abortion.  Wish I had known this before Christmas.  Not.One.Dime indeed.

Archbishop Chaput is selling his mansion.  Good for him.  Unless there's some sort of historical significance to an episcopal residence (e.g. the Vatican apartments), I say sell them all.

Oh, how The One has fallen. . .students laugh at B.O.

Harpoon snail swallows a fish whole. . .there was a Star Trek episode with a space creature that reminds me of this snail. 

Future priest saved baby Hitler from drowning. . .that was also a Star Trek episode, wasn't it?  Or maybe that was Twilight Zone?

LAT:  "[Bishop] Gabino Zavala had a high profile in the archdiocese. His parenthood violates church celibacy laws."  No, his fatherhood violates Church discipline with regard to chastity.  Unless he married the mother of his children, he didn't violate his promise of celibacy.

Most unexpected question of the year?  Is the Nanny State a Lesbian?  Uh???

Something you didn't know about grizzly bears.

Been there, done that.

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  1. GirlCanChant10:26 AM

    So glad to hear that Archbishop Chaput is selling the mansion. It always seemed ridiculous to keep that house open for what, two priests? (The archbishop and his secretary, I'm presuming.) The only problem is that it will probably get gobbled up by the Jesuit university that already almost surrounds it. The current Jesuit residence was actually the bishop's residence prior to 1935.

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Did you see the update on the US branch of the Salvation Army? Does this mean it's ok to donate to them in the US?