03 January 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Imagine the reaction from the Left if "W" had signed a bill allowing the military to indefinitely detain American citizens suspected of terrorist activities.  Since B.O. signed it. . .cricket concerto.

As the "state-run media" becomes increasingly propagandistic the New Media does the hard job of actually gathering the news.  Thus, the clamoring from the SRM for more gov't $$$.

This development in American culture is worrying all the right people.

How many of you saw folks texting/playing games on their mobile devices during Midnight Mass? 

B.O. is running a "post-modern campaign, in which there is no objective truth but simply narrative."  Well, he is a product of cultural Marxist "thinking."
Excellent post on St. Basil the Great.  Find out why he's titled, "the Great."  Too bad we can't clone him and elect him Pope!

Connecting an ancient heresy with its postmodern cousin:  Arianism & Materialism.

A letter to Fr. Z. about a visiting priest who trashes the new translation of the Missal in front of a CCD group.  Expect more of this sort of thing.

Fascinating post on the meaning of "freedom of the press."

Meanwhile, in _______.  A few national stereotypes.

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  1. Anonymous8:35 AM


    I use my smartphone sometimes at daily Mass because I have the "ibreviary" application on it with the Mass readings and psalm. My wife thinks it looks bad to use it, but I figure that if I get it out only when the readings start and put it away when it ends, it should be obvious what I'm using it for.

  2. Anon., that sounds reasonable. It's better than the guy I saw Sunday sitting in the back with the diocesan newspaper held up above the pew like he was on a bus.

  3. I thought of using my iphone for the New Translation, but chickened out. I think I saw some people sleeping. And I'd like to know the diff., Fr. Philip, between reading the bulletin and reading the diocesan newspaper?

  4. Faith, objectively: no difference.
    Subjectively, a lot. At least with the bulletin you might get away with people thinking that you're looking for the readings. Sitting with your legs crossed and the paper popped open in front of your face--like a giant paper flag flapping above the pew--that's just rude.

  5. Cathy D4:16 PM

    I didn't see anyone playing on their phone at mass on Christmas. However, the lady who had the solo for O Holy Night was chewing gum. Not sure how she did that....

  6. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Google "Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies" for your cricket concerto.

  7. Anon, help me out. Good article but I don't know anything about Greenwald. Is he a Lefty?

  8. Were the crickets in tune with each other?

  9. fr. Dismas, OP6:30 PM

    As someone who served in the military, I can tell you that 99% of military folks want nothing to do with enforcing civil laws, arresting suspects on our homeland, etc.

    I am simply baffled by the incredible silence... whatever noise is generated seems to be canceled out by a white noise generator. This is truly frightening.