01 December 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

McDonald's outsmarts SanFran Food Nannies. . .I'm sure that was pretty easy.

Making the KKK boring by whitewashing its historical ties to the Democrats and progressive ideology.

To husbands:  your wife is not your mother. . .To wives:  your husband is not your girlfriend
OWS Colorado Springs gets outvoted by a mob. . .of course, the mob votes don't count b/c they didn't vote the Right Way.

Some excellent news on the vocations front. . .add our seminarians to your prayer list, please!

He doesn't like his job.  No worries. . .his boss is always looking for an opportunity to replace him.

Anti-Catholic bigot and crusader loses in court.

I'm with the lizard on this one. . .go to confession!

Caring Bear has a message for you.

Why is this funny?  I dunno.  It just is.

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  1. Reference your Colorado Springs story -- that's my town!!!


  2. Hey Father!

    This is Bubba Sue! (Remember I work with your mom)

    You really need to get "Scuba" Becky to get you a Kindle Fire for Christmas. It is the greatest thing ever!

  3. Sue, hmmmm...I don't know what her budget is this year. . .maybe, just maybe.