29 November 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Consumerism vs. Occupyism. . .and the winner is. . .$$$.   

The Walking Dead:  a zombie apocalypse TV series crippled by endless Oprah-esque yammering.

This is what happens when Science Run Amok meets Morals Gone Astray.  Throw in some left-feminist political correctness in the courts and you've got a Disaster Writ Large.

And the Prize for Most Descriptive Blog Post Title goes to. . .Jimmy Akin!  Hilarious.

How armed robberies go in Texas. . .

8 days and counting. . .let's hope the Nannies can hold on to their Euro-fantasy until then.

Looks like the new missal translation had few problems. . .though the OP nuns of Summit, NJ flubbed a few times!  (NB.  I've celebrated Mass on that altar. . .great church and even greater sisters).

Speaking of the new translation. . .what are supposed to do with the old missals?  Burn 'em!

Little Missy chooses the Dark Side. . .I hope she got a cookie.

OK. . .I laughed at this. . .and now I feel bad. . .but not bad enough to skip it.

Italian plumbing. . .

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1 comment:

  1. Sorry Father, that can't be Italian plumbing. Whats shown in the picture actually has a chance of working!