26 November 2011

This Is What Coffee Bowl Browsing Looks Like!!!

This is what democracy looks like. . .in hell.

This is what Occupy Logic looks like.

This is what consumerism looks like. . .for a waffle toaster.

This is what Black Friday feels like. . .pepper spray.

This is what food riots in pagan Rome must've looked like.  Are we doomed?

This is what Amish terrorists look like. . .no, really.

This is what Catholic evangelism looks like.

This is what Native American wisdom looks like.

This is what Catholic competition looks like.

This is Culinary Ownage looks like.

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  1. Re Democracy in hell. Doesn't Woodstock always lead to Altamont?

  2. Re Culinary Ownage: I'lll be Nigella also drinks wine..."which maketh a merry heart."

  3. Re What Consumerism looks like: 1) Who eats that many waffles that a $2 dollar waffle iron is so important?
    2) If the fat chick in blue hoisted her pants up, the city would lose half it's crack problem.

  4. LOL, Sub!

    Ahem, I mean, ermmmm. . .10 Hail Mary's.