22 November 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Dem pollsters call for Obama to withdraw from the 2012 race and turn things over to Hillary.

And yet more Lefty hypocrisy:  Lead Whiner of the Occupy Movement checks into $700/night Manhattan hotel, "Tents are not for me."

Why couldn't this sort of thing happen in the U.S. my European brothers ask?  Three word answer for them:  the Second Amendment. . .which is why our Betters hate it so.

HA!  "Chicks Don't Dig Camping Out with Smelly Losers". . .the Occupy Movement's gender gap. 

DEO GRATIS!  A liturgical commission is being set up here in Rome to review church architecture and music.  NB.  the MSM (even in Italy) can't resist the temptation to describe everything the Vatican does as a "crackdown."

From $12 million to $36 million in two years:  Nancy Pelosi's doing OK in hard times.

When will the world end?  A list of Apocalypses from 2,800 B.C. to the heat death of the universe.

Throw me higher this time!!!

Well, at least he's taking responsibility. . .

Hmmmm. . .let's think this through:  if time is the relative measure of objective motion, then. . .

Time to visit the vet. . .oh, I think not.

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