09 July 2011

New arrival. . .

A Mille Grazie to the anonymous Book Benefactor who sent me Epiphanies of Darkness: Deconstruction in Theology. . .it arrived this afternoon. 

I spent the better part of the morning in the priory's self-storage locker opening boxes that haven't seen the light of day sent June of 2008. Since I was only able to ship a few boxes of books to Rome, most of my library had to be stored. Opening those boxes was like Christmas! 

Two items made me tear up a little. One was the very first poetry anthology I ever purchased. Bought it in 1982 at Oxford Square Books when I was a freshmen. The second was a 1987 letter from my paternal grandmother who died from cancer in 1991. I had to leave that one unopened b/c I would've never finished the job had I opened it. 

Anyway! As always. . .I am very, very grateful to my many Book Benefactors. You guys are always at the top of my daily prayer list b/c you have made my life as a Dominican friar all the more exciting and useful by your generosity!


  1. Agnieszka3:34 PM

    Hi Father,
    I'm new to your blog. I just looked at your Amazon wish list, and picked a book for myself from it (or rather put it on my wish list).
    Anyway, I'm quite surprised that you can find God, faith, Christianity in PostModern Literary Waste Land (or can't you?). I'll try to keep up with your postings, looks like you've got lots of interesting stuff there.

  2. Agnieszka, you're more than welcomed to "borrow" from my List. . .many people do.

    Mixing faith and the PoMo isn't easy. What PoMo stuff does is diagnose the problems caused by modernism. I am less interested in the solutions offered by PoMo'ism and more interested in how it describes the disasters of modernity. Many PoMo theologians pull heavily from Patristic sources (Marion) and this keeps them grounded in the faith.