04 July 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Gaza Flotilla (a.k.a. "Ridiculous Leftist P.R. Stunt of the Week") is stopped by the Greek gov't.  Who knew the Greek gov't had that much sense?

B.O.'s own economics team reports that the "stimulus" costs $278,000/job "created or saved." 

Christian preacher battered and abused by a largely Muslim crowd. . .in Iran?  Yemen?  No.  Dearborn, MI. 

Episcopal parish comes home to Rome.  Watch for more of this as the E.C. continues its slow suicide.

Like ancient Rome, the postmodern West is increasingly "polytheistic, proud, anti-Christian, sexually confused, with rampant infanticide, frequent wars, incivility and cruelty, and a general breakdown of family loyalties."  Are we prepared for martyrdom? 

Three ways to declare your independence from the federal/state Nannies. . .

Big brothers are the same across species.

Oh, that explains it. . .

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  1. "A few days after news of the return to full communion with the Catholic Church by an entire Episcopalian community (Anglican of the States) of Saint Luke, in Bladenburg (Maryland), a new “transition” takes place: This time it's in Texas, where six Anglican parishes "Made in the USA" are going to embrace the faith of Rome."


  2. The link for the article on the "atheocracy" does not work.