24 June 2011

What?! What!? I can't hear you!

Last week I noticed a significant decline in the acuity of the hearing in my right ear.  If I closed my left ear, I was completely deaf.   Beginning Thursday, the hearing started to improve a bit.

So, this morning I went to the ENT doc and he told me--after several tests, etc.--that I have Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. . .to the tune of a 20% loss in my right ear.  The most likely cause is inflammation around the cochlear nerve (I think that's what he called it, anyway), so he's giving me a month's course of steroids.  

I asked him, "Doc, you're telling me that my ear nerve isn't working b/c my brain is swelling?"  He said, "Well, that's a rough summary."  I said, "Brain swelling.  I blame philosophy."

Please pray for my Ear Nerve!  Who's the patron saint of hearing???

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  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    patrons against deafness

    •Cadoc of Llancarvan
    •Francis de Sales

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  2. francesco bianchi12:13 AM

    As matter of fact, many are the saints patrons of udit and ears. Here's the list:
    Aldegonda January 30
    S. Cono di Naso March 28
    S. Egidio di Casavo November 1
    S. Eligio di Noyon-Tournai December 1
    S. Odilia di Hohenbourg December 13
    S. Oranna October 15
    S. Teresa di Ouren in Portogallo September 3
    S. Trahamunda di Pontevedra November 14

    Who is the best?

  3. Anonymous3:48 AM

    A Dominican on steroids.
    This shoud be interesting..... ;)


  4. GirlCanChant8:05 AM

    There are several patron saints against deafness. The most recognizable one would be Francis de Sales.

    I'll be praying for you, Father.

  5. Being hard of hearing has it's good points. Ignoring people is so much easier when you have a ready made excuse and since you're not totally deaf the extent of your problem can always be up for grabs.

    Been there, done that, wearing the "tee" shirt, just ask my wife how slow I am about getting hearing aids.

  6. Better on steroids than being anemic.

  7. Brian Mood4:11 PM

    One of my favorite saints which includes Francis de Sales(patron of the deaf), I always pray for his help and guidance and for his help with St. Thomas Aquinas to guide me in my studies.
    I am very hard of hearing, borderline deaf, so i know what you are going through. Just hang in there.
    God Bless!

  8. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I have lost my hearing in my right ear completely. My left ear needs cochlear implant and am trying to get a good hearing aid. Unfortunately, it is not helping much. I lost most of my hearing from too many antibiotics that had hearing loss as side-effects. This happened during my last heart attack when the doctors were giving up on my survival. I did survive, thank God, but lost my hearing. I have been looking for a novena or prayers to St. Trahamunda, but have not found any yet. I would be most grateful if someone would tell me where I could find one. Many thanks