21 June 2011

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On the failure of liberal Catholicism:  Part One and Part Two

Passive-aggressive, manipulative, self-aggrandizing?  Fr. Corapi's adieu to his priesthood.

Evangelists for the Church of Global Warming caught fudging the data. . .again.  You're entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.

In 2009, ten companies a week on average left CA for more business-friendly states.  Today, that number is fifty-four. [Link Fixed]

B.O.'s USDA wants "heterosexism" (i.e. support for traditional marriage) equated with racism.  Let the re-education regime commence!

Just say NO!!!! to sudsy water.

Southwest Airlines implements a new and more humiliating seating procedure.

"This ole thing?  Just something I saw in the window and had to have." 

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  1. Father, the article regarding the increase of businesses leaving CA is linked to the global warming scam article. A fix to this would certainly be appreciated!

    Unfortunately, I live in CA, and it's really a sort of masochism...

  2. I agree about Corapi. A beloved childhood priest of mine went through something similar a few years ago. He was accused, presumed guilty, sent to six months of "treatment," demoted to parochial vicar after being pastor for over 30 years ... then was found innocent and made pastor of 3 rural parishes. It was ridiculous and humiliating for him, but he bore it with dignity and *never* said a word against the bishop or diocese. It broke his heart, but his vow of obedience meant something to him. And now his name is cleared, and he continues to serve as a priest, and he is very popular with his people. He gives good example of how time and virtue can heal all. He is a hero to me, while Corapi comes across as a normal angry American ... sure he has a right to protest if he's innocent, but shouldn't the fact that he's a Catholic priest inspire him to try heroic Catholic virtue and practice patience and obedience?

  3. John Kasaian1:39 PM

    Shea sounds quite uncharitable in his assessment. How did Fr. Corapi attack his Bishop by submitting to him? How does one submit to an administrative decision while maintaining one's innocence? How did he slime his accuser, exactly? Shea and Corapi are both heavywieghts when it comes to Catholic Apologetics, IMHO and it saddens me to see someone being kicked when they are down.
    I am a fan of Fr. Corapi as well as Mark Shea. When the scandal was announced I was able to look at Fr.Corapi's possible guilt or innocence whichever it is, with at least a charitable attitude.
    Now it seems that a definative decision one way or the other is in limbo, so to speak, indefinitley.
    That is obviously an administrative failure. I am surprise Shea, being a fellow Chestertonian, dosen't take that into account.
    Yes the Corapi video was ponderous and pretty gosh darned shlocky,but how could such a video with such a painful message be "good?"

  4. Annie5:29 PM

    I don't know ... all that talk about bishops being "out to get him" does make Fr. Corapi look like he's got some persecution fantasy issues. Being from Texas, I have been around the Bishop of Corpus Christi several times, and he's about as orthodox and mild mannered as they come. No disrespect intended, but I bet it is not long until we start hearing UFO talk and conspiracy theories from Corapi's "broader" ministry. I'm afraid he's lost it... Mark Shea and others probably want to distance orthodox Catholicism from such ramblings. You may be right though, John, perhaps Shea should have just refrained from commenting. This whole thing could really divide and hurt the Catholic blogosphere. All of this makes me think we should just get off the internet and EWTN and pray and go to our own parishes and focus 100% on that!

  5. John Kasaian1:39 AM

    Annie, the whole Corapi affair is a difficult thing for me to fathom. One thing I've found that sheds some light on the issue is this viewpoint from an imprisoned priest:

  6. I enjoyed reading the article and the comments. I don't have much to say coz I'm not active in the chrch.

  7. Before anyone speaks of the Corapi affair they should crack their copy of the Catechism and see what is said regarding the Eighth Commandment.

  8. The news surrounding Fr. Corapi's situation is stunning and disconcerting and broadly significant.