01 June 2011

Father, where are you going from here. . .?

. . .that's the oft-asked question these days!  Here's a rough schedule:

June 4th-Aug 14th --> Univ. of Dallas:  teaching summer classes in theology and literature

Aug 15th-22nd --> Mississippi:  visiting the parentals and assorted familial relations

Aug 23rd-Sept 31st --> Oxford, UK, Blackfriars to study for comps/visit my fav OP priory

Oct 1st --> back to Rome to take the Ph.L. comps and begin the Ph.D. (assuming I pass the comps)

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  1. While I suspect it is accidental on your part, I find it touching that you will visit your family for the (quondam) Octave of the Assumption!

    See you in the Eternal City!

  2. Let me know if you are ever in Houston for a time, I'll buy you dinner.

  3. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Were ever you go it will be the peoples gain God Bless and I am glad that you came into my Life
    enjoyed Your Friend Ron