01 June 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Lefties happy to sign a petition calling for a ban on the free speech of conservatives.  Not even a little surprising.  When I was a leftie, I thought that free speech was a dangerous thing too.

Progressive rainbows and unicorns. . .a command economy requires possession of divine knowledge.  Not to mention divine goodness.

A former student of mine and current seminarian for Austin, TX, Sean DeWitt has posted a reflection of Sunday's gospel.  Check it out.

Why aren't The Poor of Britain joining the "Save Our NHS" protests in the UK?

English Dominicans visit a Recusant House in south Oxfordshire.  The way things are going for the faith in the UK, Catholics there might start thinking about keeping a few of these houses in prime condition.

A Clash of Loons:  KKK protests the Westboro Baptists.  Gotta love America!

Hilarious. . .this had me laughing for a while.

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  1. Father Powell,
    What is the name of the painting on your blog header?

    Bless You,

  2. Cliff, dont't know. Anyone???

  3. Ah do you know what? I thought I had seen it somewhere before. It is painted in the refectory at the DHS in Washington DC. See here: http://www.mtthabornunsop.com/Dominican%20Saints.html

    It stuck out to me when I visited last year. PS, Father, please please please would you pray for my vocation? I really think the Lord is calling me to the Order some day.