23 February 2011

Female "deacon" renounces her "ordination"

Fr. Z. brings our attention to something I have NEVER seen in my 30yrs of dealing with feminists:  a feminist openly, publicly admitting that she was wrong!  

Dr. Norma Jean Coon participated in a fake ordination presided over by a fake bishop (who claimed that she had been "ordained" by three real R.C. bishops in Germany. . .sorry boys, it didn't take).  

Dr. Coon is now renouncing her "ordination" and giving her obedience to the Holy Father.  She also renounces her affiliation with Roman Catholic Women Priests (is that like the Orthodox Jewish Bacon Association?). 

It looks as though Dr. Coon is renouncing her "ordination" b/c she didn't have the proper permissions from the Church.  N.B.  even if (by some strange accident) she had received the proper permissions and the Pope himself had laid hands on her in St Peter's Basilica, she still wouldn't be ordained.

Remember:  the Church doesn't ordain women because it chooses not to. . .the Church CANNOT ordain women.   

Good for her.  I just hope this doesn't turn out to be some kind of sick hoax. 

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  1. Between this and the priest from California's Diocese of Orange admitting error and asking for forgiveness for "concelebrating" with a Protestant minister, I am starting to recover some faith in humanity. If only I had the courage to admit many of my screw ups...

  2. Flapatap, come visit me in the confessional. . .I have a certain talent for extracting even the toughest sins. :-)

  3. Is that like the Orthodox Jewish Bacon Association... haha, well put.

    Could it be that we so rarely hear of this because it is the lack of humility that drives such behavior....? Just a thought.