25 February 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

CBO says that B.O.'s Porkulus ran up a $821,000,000,000 tab.  Allegedly 3.6m jobs were "saved or created."  Do the math:  that's $228,055 per job.  Gubmint efficiency at its finest! 

Violent, right-wing Tea Partier--inflamed by rhetoric from the Rush/Beck/Coulter crowd--attacks a defenseless reporter.  Oh. . .wait.

B.O.'s DoJ will not defend DOMA in court.  This is a good thing.  So far, the DoJ has offered only token defenses of the law.  The DoJ's move will allow other individuals and groups with standing to offer more robust arguments in the law's defense. 

Pray hard for these sisters!  Young nuns combat human trafficking in the Philippines.

Remember:  where the Light shines, there will always a Shadow.  The reality of human failure is part and parcel of our faith.  Jesus came to heal the sick.

So, who's getting all that Evil Corporate Money in Wisconsin?  The take-away line:  ". . .public employee unions are a mechanism by which every taxpayer is forced to fund the Democratic Party."

Spending more money per student does not equal higher test scores.  For that matter, higher test scores have little to do with learning.

Another "green" boondoggle" fails miserably.  A $60,000 North London eco-friendly classroom that's unusable for most of the year.  Seriously, solar panels in London?!  Really?

Strong, like Bear... Smart, like Tractor.  More polite ways of saying, "He's not that bright." 

I hate meetings with a white-hot passion most reserve for Nazi concentration guards.  I also hate jargon, especially self-help jargon and business jargon.  Here's a game you can play if caught in a jargon-infested business meeting.

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  1. Father Powell:

    Your anti-union position is hard to
    understand. Private unions have
    been "busted" by the corporate
    elite. Public unions are an
    important powerful voice for fair
    wages and an equitable living

    Educators need unions to protect
    themselves from nefarious,accusatory, suspicious individuals inside-and-outside
    the classroom.It is an injustice
    that Catholic school educators
    aren't afforded the same "voice."

    Where is your consternation over
    the pilferers at GOLDMAN SACHS and
    the rest of the "money-changers?"

    Art Uvaas
    Riverside, CA.

  2. Art,

    Basically, my problem with PEU is that when it's time to negotiate for salaries/benefits, etc., the union guys are sitting across the table from politicians they helped to get elected. IOW, there's no one at the table with any incentive to keep costs down. Also, the idea that the GOP (no fan, btw) is somehow the beneficiary of evil corporate money while the Dems scrape by on $10 donations from factory workers is ridiculous. Repubs only wish they got the corporate money the Dems rake in every year. Check out this link: http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/index.php If you click Goldman Sachs you will see that they give primarily to the Dems not the GOP.

    I was born and raised in a working class family and $100,000 a year in sal/benefits for a public school teacher is not a working man's paycheck!

    Police/firemen/sanitation/public works are the exceptions to my general discomfort with PEU. Though I still think the symbiotic relationship btw/among these workers and gov't and unions is dangerous.