29 January 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

The weakest part of presidential politics:  the party nominating process.  I agree.  The best candidates never seem to get very far.

Bishop Robert Vasa is sent to the diocese of Santa Rosa.  Only a couple of more retirements/appointments on the left coast and the episcopal bench will be revitalized completely.

I've often used "Father Hollywood" and "Father Oprah" to describe two kinds of pastors--the It's All About ME pastor and the It's All About How You Feel pastor.  Meet the real Fr. Oprah.

Tolerant Spanish progressives demonstrate their chief virtue.

On the restoration of Catholic identity and the new translation of the Missal. 

The march the MSM missed.  Of course, the MSM "missed" the march.  All those unaborted young people marching around, enjoying life.  Creepy.

Zimark on The Rite:  "Such movies, when they are done well, peel back the Norman Rockwell veil we'd all rather stayed in place and show us what lies behind it: Hieronymous Bosch."

Married priests are not the Magic Bullet we think we need.  The financial problems of maintaining a married priest and his family alone are enough to make a parish pale. 

Just say NO to an internet "kill switch" for the US.

Get the quarterback!

Cute pic of the week. . .warning:  potential sugar coma.

Things My Five-Year Has Said:  "This is not about tasting amazing. This is about fried chicken cake.”

If you "get" this pic, you probably watch Criminal Minds.

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  1. Fr. Powell,

    My name is Jake Tawney, and I was the author of the post on Catholic Identity and the new translation of the Roman Missal. It was brought to my attention that you linked to the post from here. I thank you for that - it has generated some traffic on my humble site!

    Yours in the struggle,