25 January 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Superficiality of the hyper-focused undegrad major. . .yet more reasons to give serious thought and prayer to sending your kids to schools like the University of Dallas!

PA Abortionist might just be America's most prolific serial killer.  Here's a good question:  where were all those dozens of state agencies and throngs of bureaucrats that love to regulate our lives?  Why weren't they kicking in the doors of this butcher shop?  Hmmmmm. . .I wonder.

Lest we forget. . .this "doctor" used an abortion technique that the current occupant of the White House believes to be perfectly moral.  

Speaking of expensive and largely useless bureaucrats:  House Committee considers cutting the U.S. budget for the U.N.'s Human Rights Commission.

An E.T. Jesus?  If there are "people"  on other planets, was Christ's sacrifice on the cross efficacious for their salvation?   Did the Son incarnate on their world?

I believe they call this "Rubinesque"?

Um, if you're married to the Fire Chief. . .you prolly shouldn't divorce him.

Shanghai:  1990 vs. 2010.  I was in Shanghai in 1990.  Capitalism at work!

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  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I've often had people say that if there are aliens with immortal souls on other planets that Christianity will be proven wrong. But I think Christianity will no more be proven wrong than when the new world was discovered. Jesus does not need mutiple incarnations for different countries, nor for different worlds. What about all the lost generations? Same thing can be said for the generations before Christ. They are not beyond God's reach. Thanks Fr. I was wondering when someone would ask the fun questions.

    Fr. Joshua

  2. So is there are drinking vessels smaller at your new assignment or are you trying to cut back on caffeine?

  3. BC, what is this "cutting back on caffeine" of which you speak?

    The largest coffee vessel in the house is a smallish mug. I yet venture out to the Mug Barn and get something more appropriate for my needs.