10 December 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

The number of waivers from the insurance mandates of ObamaCare is doubled in just two weeks.   Lesson:  if you have to free businesses from your mandates in order to avoid disaster, then your mandates are probably inherently disastrous.

More "unintended consequences" of ObamaCare:  Orphan drug discounts canceled.

The "science" is settled!  Global Warming fundamentalists partying in Cancun sign petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide. . .that's water (H2O).   Meanwhile, Paris receives its largest snowfall since 1987.

Speaking of the Church of Global Warming:  BXVI on the "new polytheism" and the dangers of paganism.

Louisiana school board (rightly) rejects an attempt to have creationism included in biology textbooks.  Religion is not science.  Thanks be to God!

Lots of student rioting in London. . .apparently, asking them to pay for part of their education is riot-worthy.

B.O.'s bud in Venezuela allows Iran to place missiles within range of the U.S.  Fortunately, the Iranians will only allow Chavez to use in the missiles "in case of emergency."  Whew.

Just how radical is Pope BXVI?  Pretty radical, dude!

The next generation plots its fiscal revenge

Calvin & Hobbes pit their wits against the raging elements

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  1. templariidvm1:24 PM

    I know this is totally off topic, but didn't I read here - awhile back - about a bar opening in the basement of a cathedral in Rome? I have a friend who will be vacationing in Rome in March and was interested in it.

    Thanks so much!

  2. "strongest explanation of the history and development of life on Earth ever constructed"

    Bleh. Better put as "Our best SWAG." The theory of evolution on a macro scale is so shaky that I wouldn't hang a hat on it, let alone what they try.