06 December 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Everything you've always wanted to know about the forensics of Zombie Headshots.  

Life imitating art:  man is decapitated at a chicken factory. . .this was an episode of Bones a few years back.

Tolerant, freedom-loving leftists in Spain pitch a hissy fit b/c a Cardinal of the Church is invited to speak at a university in Madrid.  Apparently, "dialogue" and "free expression" are only available to those who agree with these petulant adolescents.

Science vs. religion. . .someone doesn't know their history.  Science gave us nuclear weapons.  Religion gave us Mother Theresa.

Sometimes "science" makes ya stupid.  Or rather, the ideological usurpation of science makes you stupid.

Best headline of the day:  "No Country for Burly Men"

Survival Guide:  tracks you need to know

Understanding the engineer in your life 

"The easiest way is always mined."  Army quotes for everyday life

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  1. Didn't the catholic church give the world science, ergo the church gave us nuclear bombs and mother theresa

  2. Cardinal Rouco was scheduled to give a lecture titled, “The God who is unknown to 21st century Spaniards.” However, several days ago activist groups began calling for the event to be disrupted. The Spanish government said it could not guarantee the cardinal’s security, and Church officials therefore decided to cancel the speech.

    It's not my life, so I'm not demanding the cardinal risk his life. However, isn't that the charge of the cardinal? Shouldn't the cardinal be willing to risk his life for the sake of the Gospel (as did the Apostles)?

  3. The problem is that when events get disrupted, more than one person might be injured or killed. The Cardinal should be willing to put the Gospel ahead of his own life, when necessary, but not anyone else's.

  4. The gov't dropped the ball here not the cardinal.

  5. I love the survival guide! That is so neat! I read your blog regularly since my boyfriend showed to me. It's great. You have inspired me to make a blog of my own:www.wuda4.blogspot.com. I was wondering if you could please give me some advice and comments on it and how to handle a blog, as well as how to get more people to read it. It's basically about miscellaneous things going on in the world. Help would be appreciated, but if you can't I understand. Thanks
    Fr. Phillip.