11 November 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Wards of the Brit Nanny State throw a fit in the delusional belief that breaking things in the streets of London will magically make money spring from the ground. . .

Gov't panel charged with eliminating waste, fraud, etc. in the Porkulus. . .errrr. . .I mean, Stimulus Plan meets over the Thanksgiving holiday at the Ritz Carlton.  I believe this is what P.R. people call "bad optics," i.e. it looks bad.

More politicization of the DoJ. . .not only is this sort of thing probably illegal, it is certainly politically stupid.  Doesn't it occur to these folks that one day. . .probably real soon. . .they aren't going to be in charge anymore and then it's going to be the other side's turn to shine the light on their foibles?

Potential problems for the USCCB in the upcoming election for that body's president.  Here's a chance for the bishops to show the Church and the world that they have learned something since 2002.

Is Marco Rubio Catholic or not?  Haven't seen anything about this in the US media.

Vatican publishes the Holy Father's exhortation from the recent bishops' synod on scripture, Verbum Domini.  NB.  this is a 208 page pdf document!

Eeeewwwww. . .I'll take a bourbon instead, thanks.

Decision flow-chart:  Should I have a cookie?  Sounds about right to me!

On postmodern doctoral dissertations.  Um, this sounds about right too.

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  1. Is Rubio Catholic?

    Objectively, yes. He was Baptized a Catholic in the Latin Rite.

    Is he a practicing Catholic? Probably not, if this report is correct.

    Is he an apostate? Possibly...but the question of culpability is an issue before a determination could be made.

    Given that most of the parishes in Florida teach a doctrine indistinguishable from the evangelical community Mr. Rubio is apparently now affiliated with he can hardly be faulted for going someplace where a form of Christianity, however attenuated, is encouraged.

  2. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Dear Father,
    Actually, Swiss Miss hot chocolate is pretty good -- nothing beats it on a cold day, especially w/ a dollop of whipped cream of some marshmallows added. I'm a cat owner, so anything w/ kittens draws my attention! As for the bourbon, I'd prefer a nice mint julep. Oh well, as the French say "chacun a son gout"!

    Regards from Canada (were it's starting to get chilly),

    Patricia Gonzalez