09 November 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing (Mildly Grumpy Edition)

N.B.  Since I will be in the U.S. from Dec 2010 to Oct 2011, I've changed the shipping address on the WISH LIST.

Moon Bat Alert!  Why are these dinosaurs allowed to spread their nonsense at a Catholic parish?  Would Call to Action or the Women's Ordination Conference invite Archbishops Chaput or Burke to one of their conferences?  

Texas may adopt an "Arizona-style" anti-illegal immigration law.  What they mean is that Texas is considering adopting the Federal immigration law that's been around since the 1940's. . .that's all Arizona did.

Here's one reason CA is having to borrow $40 million a day just to keep up with the state payroll:  a list of state agencies.  Check out the comments too for a list of MA state agencies! 

Also, No Bailout for California!  Working in a rehab facility taught me two important behavioral truths:  1). past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior; 2). bad behavior that never results in bad consequences will always be repeated.

Speaking of bad acts with consequences. . .AARP is raising the medical insurance rates of its employees.  Why?  To avoid new taxes imposed by ObamaCare.  Irony:  AARP endorsed B.O.'s boondoggle.

NPR's board dominated by the Left.  I'm shocked.  Not.

CCHD's self reform seems to be failing even as it gets started.  Is this incompetence or cluelessness?

"What do I do if Father asks the congregation to raise their right hand and bless the newly baptized?"  Easy.  Don't.  I've worked with a few priests who did this and it always smacked of "Look at How Enlightened I Am" theater.  Don't make a big deal about it.  Just don't participate.

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  1. We have a lot of "raising the right hand" during various blessings. Our priest never calls for it, the act seems to be initiated solely by some members of the congregation.

    My questions: Just what is the purpose of this? How did it start? Does this count as a form of liturgical abuse and if so, can I fire rotten eggs/tomatoes at the participants once we're outside the church building?

  2. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Regarding the sham of self-correction at CCHD, this is why I always say that Catholics who want to make donations should always give to Catholic entities. Not that there won't be mistakes here and there, but why in the world should we Catholics be donating to further other peoples' dreams (read: projects) when we Catholics have our own dreams (projects) that need financing? Furthermore, we won't have to double-check and triple-check the moral grounding of the project if it is Catholic-sponsored (unless it is sponsored by a Congregation of Sisters in lay clothing, in which case, go ahead, just to be sure, and triple-check it!).

  3. Mildly grumpy edition, eh...?

    That makes it a good time for this to come up for you:

    Fr. Philip, Will you consider stop by my place to offer your answer to a question I've raised in my Nov. 10 post?

    With your permission, I invite your readers to do the same. The more the merrier? Well, the more the better maybe in this case.

    Thanks in any event, aspiring...