15 October 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

ObamaCare closing down Catholic hospitals.  Can't say we didn't predict this.  Maybe this new book will become a best-seller by 2012.

No Brainer. Glenn Beck:  assault on teen in NYC was more than anti-gay; it is anti-human.  The imago Dei embodied by every human person is inviolable and must be respected.  Period.

From 2006:  The Myths of Hurricane Katrina. . .the article debunks many of the media myths about the causes of hurricane damage in NOLA and the gov't's response to the disaster. 

Sex crimes prosecutor reviews episodes of Law and Order:  SUV.  I quit watching L&O years ago b/c it became a vehicle for lefty talking points.  However, being a Legal Fanboy, I appreciate her analysis of the legal issues that the show brings up.

Fr. Z. dissects silly Newsweek article on St. Hildegard.  Be very suspicious anytime you hear a feminist lauding the courage of a female saint who bucked the authority of the patriarchal Church.  Among OP's this happens all the time with St. Catherine of Siena.  Nine times out of ten, the saint is being quoted out of context and the specifics of the alleged "bucking" are conveniently hidden. 

Siamo in Italia!  The Vatican's office of evangelizing cyberspace doesn't have internet access.  The procurator of the priory told me once that he hired a local company to repair some broken floor tiles.  When the workers didn't show on schedule, the procurator noted their tardiness to an Italian friar.  The friar responded, "Padre, it has only been three months!" 

CAUTION!  Bishop caught being a bishop.  DO NOT read near any Spirit of Vatican Two dissenters.  Have oxygen and smelling salts ready if they happen to glance over your shoulder.

Border patrol kitty is on the job!

Ahhhhh. . .free hugs.

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  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    the article debunks many of the media myths about the causes of hurricane damage in NOLA

    Several problems with this article. The levees were NOT overtopped. Most of the flooding was caused by failure of floodwalls. The Corps, in sworn testimony before Congress, DID declare that the designs and construction were defective.

    Evacuation is not a viable civil defense model. Citizens should not be disparaged for having failed to do so, nor governments for having failed to enforce it.

    Help was slow to arrive, probably because emergency planning had never contemplated the possibility of such severe and widespread flooding.

    Wind damage was extensive and severe -- absolutely more than tropical storm intensity.

    After its initial paralysis, government's instinctive response to the situation was a massive power-grab: harassment (and worse) of civilians in situ, arms seizures, panic-mongering to maintain civil lockdown. Not to mention rampant criminality (including murder and looting) among certain LEO elements.

    Speaking as a lifelong resident of New Orleans who returned very soon after the storm, I have resolved to look to government as one of the storm-related threats, not as a source of assistance. I shall not evacuate again.