14 October 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing (in breve)

Annnnnd. . .we're back!  The university server came on-line late Tuesday night.  Last night a thunderstorm knocked it out.  And now. . .for now. . it is up again.  So, before we lose access again, here's a short CBB:

More reasons to send your kids to the University of Dallas!  Do UD'ers party?  I've heard rumors that they do (wink-wink). . .as a UD prof, I can assure you that they study as hard as they party.

What do hippies, hobos, and Tea Partiers have in common?  They all resist the evils of collectivism b/c they believe that human beings are best treated as innately free individuals.

Even as he fulminates about the Chamber of Commerce allegedly using donations from foreign companies, B.O. seems to "forget" that he did the same thing in 2008.  Memory is one of the greatest tools in fighting the faux-outrage of the hypocrites in our Ruling Class.

P.S.  STILL no word on the French exam. . .sigh.

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