24 September 2010

Tea Mug Browsing

Why does college cost so much?  Universities have incredibly bloated administrative offices.  Go to a largish state university website and check out the huge number of administrators and support staff.  In the last thirty years or so, universities have become small cities unto themselves--complete with restaurants, theaters, recreation centers, police, buildings stuffed with job placement counselors, therapists, doctors, etc.   Students rarely pay attention to the price of a degree, much less the actual costs.

Barney Frank calls on Bill Clinton for help in his re-election campaign?  Why Clinton and not B.O.?  Oh, yea, I forgot.

Obesity caused by a virus!  Pass the fried chicken and pecan pie, please. . .

Environmentalism is “the religion of choice for urban atheists”. . .NB.  The Church of Global Warming has re-branded itself as The Church of Climate Disruption.  

Fewer and fewer people are paying attention to the talking heads of the MSM.  Apparently, there are better things to do with one's time than read/watch these puppets squawk out the White House's media talking points.

Bishop Olmsted excommunicates priest for "ordaining" women.  Actually, the priest excommunicated himself and the good bishop just sent him a letter informing him of the fact.

USCCB's cmte on doctrine censures two moral theologians after they publish a book that contradicts key teachings of the Church on sexual ethics.  Naturally, their university cites "academic freedom" as the only defense.

U.N. Assembly applauds Iran's president.  Surely, it's time for the U.S. to rethink its relationship with this obscenely expensive and utterly useless organization.  

On the faith of our Founding Fathers:  a very handy guide.

It's the Dad Life!  A vid for all the dad's out there.  Someone needs to make a vid like this for all us "Fathers."

This would be an excellent buy for an itinerant preacher. . .if only it had a chapel!

Cuteness. . .no, uber-cuteness

Will this be you when the Zombies come?

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  1. Regarding the UN: Let's have it relocated to another country prior to cancelling our membership.

    I'd recommend Chernobyl in Russia.

  2. Add in sports...

    Universities also cost a lot because they pay a living wage to faculty. In the good old days faculty were presumed to have a trust fund as their major source of income, the faculty salary was just a bit extra.

    In the really good old days, the teaching staff were religious who had taken a vow of poverty :)

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Dear Fr. Philip,

    Please delete my previous comment.

    Thank you,