21 September 2010

Tea Mug Browsing

Six elderly Presbyterian women were arrested earlier this week in London on suspicion of plotting to assassinate the Pope.  We must do everything we can to stop this international terror conspiracy perpetrated by radical Presbyterians!

Heh. . .apparently the Presbyterian "terrorists" weren't plotting after all.  The point, however, is that the MSM refused to identify the alleged plotters as radical Presbyterians. 

The Holy Father's visit to the U.K. was a great success.  Practically speaking, the Screaming Mimi's in the atheist/humanist/secularist camp have lost control of the narrative.  The next time one of their Head Mimi's starts squealing about Nazi Ratzi or Pope Pedophile, most sensible Brits will roll their eyes and get on with their day.

B.O. quotes the Declaration of Independence. . .chokes on the words "endowed by their Creator" and then just decides to skip that part.  I could understand a President glossing over the phrase if it read "endowed by Jesus Christ," but "Creator" is sufficiency ecumenical that it would offend no one but the most atheistic fringe.  Besides, it's an historical document!

Pray, pray that B.O. doesn't get wind of this latest power grab by U.K. nanniesConfiscating paychecks is a great idea. . .if you want gov't to have near absolute control over your life.

On the rapid decline of Europe's socialist ruling parties.  It seems that a large minority of European voters are coming to realize that their respective countries cannot afford to have both generous cradle to grave social welfare programs and immigration policies that put few limits on the numbers of immigrants allowed in.

Breitbart confronts a Lefty "anti-hate" rally after he is spit on and called a homosexual.   When directly confronted by A.B. to support their claims, the protesters stammer and stutter. . .and eventually they are herded off by their handlers.

Cash for Clunkers was not only an unmitigated failure, it caused quite a few problems to boot.

Wolves in sheep's clothing:  Minnesota bishops shine a light on a dissident synod in their archdiocese.

God as an action figure. . .complete with AK-47!  This should put to rest the feminist notion that God is not male.

Attention, women:  reasons you should want to be a bear in your next life.

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  1. Ho, ho! If it were six pro-lifers suspected of plotting... or six Christian fundamentalists etc. etc. we'd have heard every last miserable detail of their identiy, faith, and political leanings!

    But then again pro-lifers and Christian fundies don't tend to break out into crazy, murderous, destructive riots over things that haven't even happened yet. (The riots in Afganistan over the koran-burning-that-hasn't-even-taken-place-yet...)

  2. Loved the aircraft mechanic link. I was a helicopter mechanic in the US Navy. Only had a high school diploma but we had a crazy sense of humor as well! Sadly we would never have gotten away with writing comical replies to the pilots' gripes. But sometimes we said them out loud!

  3. Excuse my thick headedness but I watched that "Obama's Protesters" video and read through the article.

    Were these people sent by President Obama? Maybe not directly but even still. I've read a lot of accusations that Obama has some kind of organization(s) where protesters are sent in. I watched videos proving that all of the hateful and aggressiv anti-Obama protesters were in fact Liberals disguised as Conservatives so they could make the Tea Party look bad. It was a hoot because the Tea Partiers would surround them with neon pink signs that read, "IMPOSTER!" with arrows. Every one of the fake Tea Party protesters held very threatening signs against Obama or just plain jibberish. And most of them (if not all) were dressed in black.

    This is very thuggish politics and really scary! It smacks of communist countries where the gov pays people to behave thuggish towards good citizens!

  4. Coffee,

    The protesters in the vid admit to being from Organizing for America...this group was B.O.'s online campaign organization in 2008. I doubt that B.O. himself is organizing these protests...when would he have time between golf games, vacations, and practicing his teleprompter skills?

  5. My favorite part about the God as an action figure link is that the company who manufactures it is called "Jesus Christ Superstore"! LOL!

  6. Hello Father,

    While traveling, I have been to several masses in the central Missouri area over the last few weeks. Many parishes and the university Newman center are staffed by Dominicans because the diocese has few new vocations to fill key positions. There is an utter lack of any type of authentic Catholic culture. And, I'm sorry to report, the Dominicans that staff these institutions have liturgies that boarder on the heretical. Do you know where these priests are coming from and why, almost without exception, they are so much more lax and deviant than their brothers in say, Dallas? It's quite frustrating as I have met several Dominicans that have been such wonderful spiritual leaders and truly seek sainthood.

    Thanks very much
    Samwise Gamgee


  7. S.G., MO is in the Central Province, but friars from other provinces often work and live outside their own provinces. . .so I have no way of knowing exactly who you are talking about...

    What you will often find in dioceses and orders is a HUGE generational gap among the clergy when it comes to goofy liturgy and goofier theology. My guess is that you ran into some of my brothers who were formed in the late 70's-80's.

  8. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I have a bit of an issue with your comments on the ‘arrested Presbyterians’. Hope you
    don’t mind me offering my thoughts on this. I may of course have completely missed your point, so apologies if so.

    As I understand it you are criticising the news media for not saying the arrested suspects were muslims. Well first of all, do we know and did the news outlets know for a certain fact at the time of reporting that they are muslim? In the absence of knowing facts, are you recommending that the media should report speculation? I mean, I know that they do report speculation all the time, it’s just that I think that they should be discouraged from doing so. It seems from my reading of reports that the police were not releasing much information. Also note that we are not talking about a definite terror plot, just a suspected one. In fact it turns out not to have been a plot at all. So should we not rather be glad that the media showed some circumspection about reporting in this case. In the absence of a definite terror plot or definite knowledge of the motivations of the arrested suspects it seems that the common good is served by reporting in a non-sensational way only the facts that are known. In my view this seems like a rare case where the media acted well rather than badly.

  9. Anonymous9:28 AM

    The police may have been aware already that the likelihood of a plot was negligible and so took the decision to be careful about the information they released. Perhaps the police don’t want to inflame unnecessarily tensions that are already present in the community. To put this in context I live in a UK town where this week the muslim community were targeted with their mosque being subjected to an unpleasant, disrespectful and shameful act. The muslim community in this town have never caused any problems. I myself am not a muslim but I certainly do not wish to see muslims subjected to hate campaigns. I am from irish-catholic stock and during the 1970s and 80s there was a terror campaign carried out on mainland Britain by IRA terrorists. Shocking acts of murder and brutality were committed with which I have no sympathy whatsoever. At the same time innocent irish people were jailed and subjected to police brutality in the UK – see the Guildford Four, Birmingham Six. I therefore have some sympathy with innocent muslims who have no involvement with terrorism but who are lumped in with terrorists as one category of people. They bear the brunt of bigotry but have no power to stop the terrorists.

  10. Anon., I'm right there with you on the problem of innocents suffering b/c their peers are idiots.

    My point in this post has to do with the refusal of the US media to identify those arrested as Muslims. Trust me, no such "innocent until proven guilty" sentiment would have protected any Christians had some few been arrested.

  11. Anon., I got your first comment after the second one.

    You got my point. The US media has no problem speculating when it serves their ideological agenda. One reason that their viewship/readerhship is bleeding out is b/c they no longer bother to report facts. They have adopted the leftist tactic of "constructing narratives." In their narrative, Muslims are always victims of right-wing, jingoistic bigotry (cf. opposition to Ground Zero Mosque). Also see the amount and kind of coverage they gave to that bonehead down in FL who threatened to burn a Koran. Would an imam who threatened to burn a Bible get that kind of coverage? Not in this century.

  12. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Thank you for your reply and for posting my comments. I know nothing whatever about the US media or the Ground Zero Mosque business so can't comment there.

    I would describe 'constructing narratives' as something we all do rather than as a 'leftist tactic'. It's probably worth each of us considering what our narratives are. We all suffer from confirmation bias!

    To be blunt, I suspect that in this particular case your own narrative has got the better of you and led you to criticize the media for an episode in which they actually acted sensibly in not over-reporting what turned out to be a non-story.

  13. Anonymous9:49 AM

    O dear I've just re-read my comment above now you've put it up and it does come across as a bit harsh in its phrasing. I'm sorry if it came over as aggressive. To try to put some balance in I'd also like to say that I like many of the posts you've put up on your site :-)

    I won't trouble you with any more comments for the time being as you are no doubt a busy man with better things to do with your time than keep posting them. I'll keep an eye on your blog though.

    Best wishes to you!

  14. Anon., no worries! Comment as often as you like and say what you like--just don't libel anyone, link to anti-Catholic sites/authors, try to keep comments on topic.