12 July 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

Think you might be called to serve God and His Church as a priest or religious?  Try out the Discernment Tester!   I'd love to hear from anyone who tries this.

LibDems whining about the colossal failure of their liberalism, especially the disappointment they feel about B.O.  Sorry, you guys never had any good reason to think that he was anything but just another Chicago politician. 

Hope for all of us aging geezers:  chemical to regrow brain cells.  All the braincells I killed in my first two years of grad school thank you.

Iran's human rights chief defends the sentence of stoning that an Islamic court gave a confessed adulteress.  Remember:  Iran sits on the U.N.'s Commission on Women's Rights.

As the Church of England abandons yet another tenet of western catholicism, hundreds of Anglican clergy contemplate swimming the Tiber.  I just hope they learned the lessons of 1994 and work over the heads of the Catholic bishops of England & Wales.  IOW, go straight to the Holy Father!

The governmental "War on Science" is continues unabated under the enlightened stewardship of B.O. 

Cupcakes for the Zombies in your family.  Um, should we be feeding these guys?

These graphs fully express my own sense of social/intellectual inadequacy.  Sigh.

The iPhone comparison checklist.  iPhone wins!  But just barely.

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  1. Hiya,
    I tried the discernment tester a few years ago when I first started thinking about the permanent Diaconate. At the tim, it was encouraged by my Diocese. As I recall, although many of the questions seemed like it was a bit obvious which way they were leaning with the 'right' answer, there were many more that were a bit ambiguous. In other words, the test is geared to lessen the dilemma the test taker has in struggling to give an honest answer of how they actually answer a given question versus how they want to answer. The 'ambiguous questions are designed to ferret out the taker's heart on certain matters, and I think it would be fairly successful particulalry with younger men. Overall, it was very interesting and enlightening, and I think it is probably a good test for anyone to see how secularized they have become by the culture. Upon reflection, I think that barring celibacy related questions, we should all aim to score high.
    The site emails the test results to your Diocesan vocation director (as well as yourself), although I had no contact probably due to the Diocese being otherwise preoccupied with a major consolidation effort.

  2. Thanks for the info, Christian! The site says you can take the test and get a score for free, and a full analysis can be emailed for "a nominal fee". Do you know how much that was? They don't seem to say.

    The reason I hesitate to take the test is that it sounds like they might send my results to others without my permission-- which, if true, is egregious. Maybe I'm reading it wrong.

  3. Okay, I take back the "egregious" comment because I see they don't share test results without permission. They just make you give permission as a condition of taking the test. Too bad-- I was really interested in doing it.

  4. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I just did the test...I got 543 which is "strongly possible"
    The test was okay, i answered honestly but you knew which were the "right" answers