13 July 2010

"abortion is a blessing and our work is not done"

You have to wonder, if abortion is all its supporters say it is, why don't we see more vids like the one posted below shown on CNN, MSNBC, etc?

Also, watch the vid if we are curious about what sort of education a $100,000 will buy you at the  Episcopal "Divinity" School these days.   This woman is their Dean.

Is it any wonder my old home, The Episcopal Church, is nearly dead? 

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  1. LudiDomestici9:15 AM

    Glass houses, and motes:


  2. Ludi, Find me a vid of a Catholic priest or bishop in good standing who is publicly calling the sexual abuse of children and teen a blessing, and then you can get all self-righteous.

    'Til then, sorry, no.

  3. Anonymous12:46 AM

    I only got halfway through. it was just too disturbing.

  4. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I find it hard to believe that a "minister of Religion" can say these things. She must be very sick

  5. KP, I guess it depends on what religion one is a minister of. . .