10 July 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

Prof fired for teaching the Catholic faith in a class on Catholicism.  NB. the money quote from the complaining student's email.  He/she has absolutely no idea what the natural law is. . .yet his/her complaint is sufficient to get this prof fired.

Tom Peters, the American Papist, has issued a call to arms to hold U.I. responsible for firing this Catholic prof. . .he provides the relevant ammo and delivery system.

10 Facts All Catholics Should Know. . .these are paragraph-sized explanations of a few controversial facts about Catholicism.  Don't expect in-depth analysis, but these could lead you to explore the issues more.

Do the states have the power to nullify federal law?

55% of likely voters say B.O. is a socialist.  Duh.  Only 54% believe the sun is hot and that rain is wet.

Retired Episcopalian priest offers us "Ten Highly Effective Strategies for Crushing Your Pastor's Morale."   Some of these wouldn't fly in a Catholic parish, but they are funny none the less.

Dems/B.O. didn't listen to the Tea Party in 2009.  Will the GOP listen in 2010?  I seriously doubt it.

NASA's "primary mission" to improve Muslim self-esteem.  Hilarious cartoon.

Analysis of the DOJ's suit against AZ.  The DOJ has an uphill battle to fight against Supreme Court precedent and common sense.  Of course, neither precedent nor common sense has ever prevented a judge from imposing his/her political will on the people.

The Times Watch. . .a great site that watches a once great newspaper.

Steven Wright quotes:  "If a person with multiple personalities threatens suicide, is that considered a hostage situation?"

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