09 July 2010

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SSM supporter warns his fellow liberals about applauding the recent decision against DOMA:  "Yea, it's the result we wanted, but the way we got it is not something to be happy about."  NB.  DOMA is not a ban on SSM.  DOMA exempts states from the having to recognize SSM performed in other states.  It also rules out federal benefits for same-sex couples in such a "marriage."

An analysis of the judge's decision.  Everyone seems to be intrigued by the judge's use of the Ten Amendment to strike down DOMA and worried at the same time.

More lefty Nanny State social engineering. . .this time in the so-called "financial reform bill."

B.O. has even lost the Jet-setting Eco-Egghead Hypocritical Elites of the Aspen Ideas Festival.  Poor Bambi.

Yet another Harvard Train Wreck appointment from B.O.  This one wants wealth redistribution through a UK-like NHS system.  NB.  he uses the term "planning the supply" when talking about providing health care services.  That's code for "rationing."

NAACP spokesman says that it is OK for racist whites to beat up blacks who aren't "black enough."  Dr. King must be so proud right now.

New Vatican norms will deal with clerical sexual abuse and the sin of the attempted ordination of women.  Strange combo indeed.  These issues should have been dealt with in separate documents.

Good story on the ex-Dominican Beat poet, William Everson

Another reason to cast a suspicious eye on the U.N.

Our Holy Father is writing an encyclical on faith.  This will bring to a conclusion a cycle of works on the three infused virtues (love, hope, faith).

"Reverse racism" at the DoJ.  There is no such thing as "reverse racism."  The term implies that only whites can be racists. 

Mitch Hedberg. . .weirdness personified.

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