05 May 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing (Missing link added)

32 black GOP Congressional candidates this year. . .thus, the GOP/Tea Party is Racist meme of the MSM is once again gut punched.

Presbyterian extremist arrested on charges of trying to car bomb Times Square.   When will the terrorists of suburban mainline Protestantism stop the violence?  MSM is refusing to identify the elderly female bomber as a Presbyterian.

Seton Hall may cancel class on SSM.  I wouldn't be opposed to such a class if it were clear that the class would about analysis and not advocacy.  However, the prof of the class has a history of publicly dissenting from Church teaching on the issue. 

BXVI moves Cardinal Pell to the Vatican where he can help the Holy Father choose the Church's bishops.  OORAH!

While working in three different psych hospitals I was spit on, peed on, pooped on, bled on, punched, kicked, bitten, head-butted, body-slammed, hit with a chair, doused with toilet water, pinged in the head with a science book, and called every obscene name available in at least three languages. . .so, calling me "a man in a dress" is kinda weak.  Yawn.  :-)

As my father used to tell my little brother when he got into fights at schools:  "Son, don't write checks your @$% can't cash."  George Will bounces the Bill "Lib Atheist Blowhard" Maher all over the studio.

I hear from reliable sources that The One eats this stuff on his toast every morning.

All the monsters mentioned in the Bible, including a reference to Zombies! 

The Straight Dope:  a website that answers all your questions. . .and then some.

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  1. There's no link in the George Will/Bill Maher paragraph.