11 March 2010

Quick updates

Mea culpa!

I'm WAY behind on homily postings and "question time."  Second and third Sunday of Lent homilies are still in the pipeline.  I could regale you with hundreds of perfectly legit-sounding excuses. . .but I won't.  

Rec'd the author's proof-copy of the second prayer book yesterday.  Rather than cut more of the text, Liguori decided to increase the page limit by 24 pages.  They are also publishing the Beatitude Rosary as a separate chap book.  
French is chugging along.  We have an excellent teacher.  But I'm the dumbest kid in class.  This is always the case when I take foreign language classes.  It's bizarre:  I can grasp deconstuctive linguistics and process metaphysics, but tell me to introduce myself in a language I've studied for two years and my mind goes blooey.  God's way of keeping me humble (or trying to anyway).

Back to work.

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