10 March 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

I wouldn't have stabbed her. . .but I would've considered it.  This is one of my pet peeves.  

The devil is at work in the Vatican?  Again, yes.  He is also at work in Canterbury, Jerusalem, Riyadh; in hospitals, restaurants, and supermarkets; even your kitchen and in your front yard.  Why is this news?

I stopped watching Law & Order way back in 2000.  Along with Boston Legal it had become a P.R. vehicle for leftist whining and anti-Christian bigotry.

Celibacy is not psychologically dangerous; however, promiscuity is.  Thus, the reason our sexual libertine culture attacks virginity, celibacy, and marriage.

The dangers (and absurdities) of the New Socialist Man.  Basic problem:  the denial of original sin and the imperatives of human evolution.

Something to forward to after Easter:  papal document on the Bible!

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  1. I've often said that movie theaters were cold enough to hang meat....but seriously...taking a meat thermometer to one? WEIRD.

    and WHICH is your pet peeve..talking on the phone during a movie or shushing someone?? (I think I know the answer as we've had the discussion that you and I will NEVER watch a movie together....)

    as for the devil...reading The screwtape letters for the first time...really makes you stop and THINK.

  2. Mom, people who insist on talking during a movie--at home or in a theater--should be publicly whipped and made to wear a sign that reads, "No One Pays $7 to Listen to Me Yammer During a Movie."

  3. Re Law and Order: I seem to remember an episode where the D.A./"hero" violated the seal of the confessional, and the audience was propped up to sympathize with him because it was to catch a murderer.

    I remember a case in Oregon back in the mid to late '90s (when I was in law school) where that really happened: a prosecutor deliberately set up a bug and recorded a prison inmate's confession to a Catholic priest. There are no epithets bad enough to apply to such a vile act; a prosecutor who does such a thing ought to be hung up by his thumbs. Such a reptile could certainly look forward to no sort of professional courtesies from me.