05 January 2010

Infinitely Weird Fat Head!!

"Bob" left the following little puddle in one of the comboxes below. . . 

You infinitely weird Fat Head, [great opener, seriously]
People are appalled that you DO post the stuff you do. [well, a small vocal group seems to be appalled, but from what I can tell there are about four of you and three of the four are the same person hiding behind various fake ID's. . .remember:  I can see ISP addresses.] 

Got that???? [Yes, you disagree with me.  I got that.  And. . .???] 

It's simple. Even you should grasp it. [I do grasp it quite well.  I grasp that a tiny little group of my readers don't like my anti-B.O./anti-Left liberal posts so they scream bloody murder in an effort to intimidate me into being quiet. . .is that about right?] 

You are declaring your in control of a bunch of crap that's run amok and you're PROUD of it. [Define:  "run amok."] 

You are the biggest jackass EVER.  [You could be right there. . .] 

Please tell me how this is supposed to help. . .I mean, it's funny and all. . .but not of much practical use.  

I love "infinitely weird Fat Head," by the way!

Bob, just FYI:  I worked in an adolescent psych ward for almost five years.  I was the Team Leader, the disciplinarian, absolutely nothing you can say/write/think can even come close to the verbal abuse I endured for those four-plus years.  I've had every imaginable bodily excretion thrown, smeared, or spat at me.  You name it, I've either dodged it or wash it off.  And just like the hysterical, out of control teens that called me those names and flung their bodily excretions at me, you aren't going to get your way with me either.  Not by acting the attention-seeking adolescent anyway.  If you would like to chat privately about what's bothering you, leave your email in the combox, and I'll contact you. . .Just to be clear:  I'm not having this discussion in the comboxes with you or anyone else.  


  1. Matt L.4:27 AM

    Fr. Powell,

    I was impressed with "infinitely weird Fat Head," too.

    If I ever write a blog, would you be offended if I steal that phrase as a title? If it is a sort of rank and you can't grant another an equal title, would you at least offer me the dignity of "finitely weird fat head?"

  2. Matt, sorry, but that's "Bob's" phrase. You'll have to ask him.

  3. Matt L.5:07 AM

    True. Bob? Do you mind?

  4. See: fathead.com "Fatheads" are also these giant wall stickers of famous people, sports teams, etc.

    I was kind of hoping maybe that there WAS an "infinitely weird fathead" of you.

  5. hmmm, now I have to call you my favorite infinitely weird fathead friar....

    try saying that 5 times fast!

  6. Anonymous10:28 AM


    I thought this post was about one of them large sports figure hang-ups you received as a Christmas gift!

    I'm hurt. I want "bob" to call me the biggest, infinite jackass EVER.

    Among certain American Indian tribes a warrior's greatness was measured by the greatness of his enemies.

    You need to question your greatness. This "Bob" has shown himself to be a submongoloid cretin. You need more astute enemies. Alas, none on the liberal cant (hysterics, lies, and insults are all they have) rise to such a level.

  7. I don't know, I think adding your new name, new catchphrase, whatever you want to call it, to the top of your page would be in keeping with the jovial spirit of your namesake. :-)

  8. From Google...

    "Choose a domain name (step 1 of 3)

    infinitelyweirdfathead.com is available."

    Grab it while you can! :)

  9. Austringer8:06 PM

    Actually, I think the phrase is odd in its interior contradiction: "Fathead" is, let's face it, an old-fashioned term from a much kinder and gentler time. "Infinitely wierd", on the other hand, is definitely modern: used by, like, guys who, like, wear ipods constantly, use words like "like", as a form of punctuatin, and talk on a rising inflection (thus turning even a statement into a question?).

  10. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Can you spot the number of logical fallacies in his (attempt at) argumentations? Let's see:

    Ad hominem fallacy, overgeneralization, appeal to ridicule, genetic fallacy, appeal to emotion/emotional reasoning, erroneaous appeal to universality ("People are appalled")...well, we could go on and its late and counting sheep rather than logical errors in this guy's screed is far more interesting infinitely more difficult.


    Fr. Gerald

  11. [chuckling]

    Kinda reminds me of the "Bastard people" and "Ass-face" lines from the movie Waiting for Guffman ...

    I think I'll pop that DVD in now and imagine your disgruntled combox troll(s) as Corky St. Clair ...

  12. Fr. Gerald,

    You've just enumerated all the M.O.'s that combox trolls (of ALL political bents, certainly not just left-ish folk ... have you read some conservative blog comboxes lately -- embarrassing!) employ to make their 'arguments'.

    *sigh* The ad hominem fallacy is so cheap and easy -- and there will always be an audience ready for its fleeting titillation, sadly ...

  13. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Dear Philothea,

    Of course, you're right; a logical fallacy is a logical fallacy and a cognitive distortion is a cognitive distortion whether it comes from the left or the right. This guy's was just so easy to pick apart...almost as easy a listening to 5 minutes of Rush Limbaugh.


    Fr. Gerald