07 January 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

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Though not the Final Step of our nation's sink into debauchery, it's one of the last few:  male brothels.

And in related news:  do you know an adulterer?  Do these sorts of polls bug you?  I always get the feeling that they are used to normalize aberrant behavior:  "See!  It's OK.  Everyone's doing it."  

"America Rising": this anti-B.O./Pelosi/Reid vid is all over the internet.  I've watched it two or three times and for some reason it's just not pushing any of my buttons in the right way.  Though I agree with the basic message, something about it just doesn't square up. . .I dunno. . .it could be that the vid starts off by using "we" to describe BO supporters.  Since I've never thought of BO and the Dems as our Savior and His Cloud of Angels, the sense of betrayal that the vid tries to convey falls flat.  I just kept thinking:  "Who's 'we,' buddy?  You got a mouse in your pocket?" 

Andrew Breitbart launches BigJournalism!  I lie awake at night thinking of ways not to make this man mad at me. . .

Gulp!  Trendy, modernist French bishop gets booed at Mass!  And not a few French grannies go at him for his ridiculous rainbow vestments.  I'm not in favor of booing anyone at Mass. . .however, from what I'm reading about this bishop, he should have been prepared for far, far worse.

I sent this to my dad. . .he's a gun safety instructor for the state.

Lots of Geek Cupcakes!

We used to call this semiotic dissonance.  Now we call it global capitalism.

Tired of being plain ole "Mister" or "Misses"?  Get a royal title!


  1. Michael Zappe1:40 AM

    Just a warning, the "DIY" link had some seriously NSFW content in the sidebar when I opened it…

  2. Thanks, Michael...where are you?

  3. Deleted the DIY link...the ads changed on this end...

  4. "America Rising" appears to be aimed at those who voted for Obama/Dems in 2008 to get them on a bandwagon to vote against them in 2010. Most all of us who didn't vote for them in '08 are still not going to in '10, so we don't need a video. ;)

  5. The "we voted you in..." theme Of "America rising" is preferable to the oft seen bumperstickers that proclaim "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Schmuckatelli". The latter seems to encourage a divisive, fingerpointing mindset. That isn't something this country needs right now.

    If being lumped in with "we" gets the knuckleheaded fools in Foggy Bottom to listen up, count me in.

  6. On the topic of royal titles, I occasionally mention being in the line of succession for the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. That and a buck buys a cup of coffee.

  7. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Thank you, Father!!!

    Now I know the meaning of "semiotic dissonance."


  8. Anonymous2:11 PM


  9. I actually prefer my superhero title....superheros are much cooler than royality....

  10. Antoinette8:53 PM

    No one for any reason should be disrespectful at Mass. The booing, shouting and clapping could have been done outside the church.

    I have a fancy to be Lady Antoinette Melbourne.