02 December 2009

Misc Questions

Quick Quick/Quick Answers. . .

1).  What?  No comment yet on the Anglican Constitution?

Ummmmm. . .no.  I've read it and the many commentaries available on-line.  I don't really have anything to add to the discussion except:  "WELCOME HOME!!!"

2).  The sexual abuse report from Ireland was released a few days ago?  Thoughts?

My thoughts/feelings/ideas on Christian clergy who sexually abuse children are not publishable.  Let's just say all three involve public whipping posts and small islands with lots of rocks that need to be moved. . .repeatedly. . .for years.

3).  Thesis update?  How's it coming along?

Thesis?!  What thesis?!  Nobody told me I had to write a thesis!  Seriously, the first rough draft is due Dec. 8th.  It will be done on time. . .unless I get sick or something (sneeze-cough-wheeze).

4).  Did you watch the President's speech on Afghanistan?

No, I've watched one B.O. speech.  Therefore, I have seen them all.  But I've read that he's sending 30,000 more troops and giving them 18 mos. to build a lot of exits out of the country.

5).  Did you see the bit about the San Francisco archdiocese having to fork over $14 million in taxes for transferring their own property to themselves?

Yea.  Expect more of this sort of thing.  The tax assessor is punishing the archdiocese for opposing same-sex "marriage."  I'm no tax lawyer (the Lord is good!), but my guess is that the decision will be overturned on judicial appeal.

6).  Spirit Daily has a thing up about pets in the afterlife?  What says the Dominican friar?

This Dominican friar says, "No."

7).  Do you know what the ITC [International Theological Commission] is studying this time around?

I don't.  My guess:  Dominican friar, Fr. Charles Morerod, is the secretary-general of the commission and his theological expertise is in theology of religions and ecumenicism.  So, maybe they are considering a question like, "How many Dominicans does it take to put a carton of milk back in the 'fridge?"  Answer:  we don't know b/c it's never been tried.

Now, off to bed. . .errrmmm. . .I mean, back to work!


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  2. Regarding #6... Darn! :-)

  3. so is it too late to mail your Christmas gift?

    are you staying in Rome for awhile or wandering the globe again??

    when do you plan on being close enough to come sign this book I got with your name on it?

  4. The "are pets in heaven?" question is always a comment-attractor!

    First, heaven is not a place where things are...as in located in space and time, like New Jeresy, or the Big Ben.

    Second, animals have no need of heaven. They are perfect as they are. No sin = no need for redemption.


    Third, scripture speaks of "the new heavens and the new earth." Christ came to redeem all of creation, including animals. But does it mean for an animal to be redeemed? Whatever it means, it does not mean that animals need redemption from sin. They have no rational soul to save. "New earth" here might mean that animals will be part of the Christ's kingdom on earth. But not in heaven.

    Fourth, heaven is the state of being face to face with God, receiving all His love and giving all of ours. What place do pets serve in this scheme? If someone tells me that they "need" their pets in heaven to be happy, then I have to think that they do not see God's immediate love as sufficient for their happiness. This is more than a little troubling.

    Fifth, if we say that pets can "go to heaven," then do we also have to hold that they can go to purgatory and hell. If not, why not? Again, what can an animal do to deserve purgation or merit hell?

  5. Mom, I waiting for word from UD about whether or not they need me to teach next summer. If so, I hope to be in Irving the June 7-July 9. But that's very tentative.

  6. One more thought on animals...

    If we say that animals possess that sort of soul that can go to heaven/hell/purgatory, then aren't we saying that they are rational?

    If animals are rational, then they are moral agents.

    If they are moral agents, then we need to stop killing and eating them.

  7. Flambeaux7:34 AM

    If animals are rational moral agents they need to be held accountable for their acts of slaughter, sodomy, and all the other errors that (even undomesticated) flesh is heir to.

    I'm just sayin'.

    And I do hope you can come visit us in the Metroplex next summer, Father. We still would like to have you to dinner.

  8. I had the impression the case "for" animals in heaven was similar to the case for flowers in heaven-- not because animals have souls, but because of the pleasure they would bring to people. I suspect this may be very naive and simplistic on my part...
    Actually, I love dogs but not at all fond of cats :) Don't you be bringing no cats to my state of being :)
    Hearing more of your comments about heaven, per se, would be awesome, sometime... Thanks, Father.

  9. I want cats in my little piece of Heaven....but fleas can burn in hell.

    if you won't be stateside till june I'll go on and send the gift...and just have to try and keep my book looking pretty till you get here to sign it.......or maybe I'd better buy 2 cuz b then the one I use I'll be too embarrased for you to see I'm sure!