02 December 2009

Feminism: men's secret plan to escape responsibility

Matt Patterson of PJTV will have to be drummed out of the "No Girls Club" for posting this piece, "Men, the Gender Wars are Over--We won."

In this expose of the male mastermind plan to free husbands, boyfriends, and men in general from the burdens of familial responsibility, Patterson lays out the basics of the conspiracy that the Club code-named, "Feminism":

Men, “Operation Feminist Movement” has worked, and more swiftly and completely than many of you thought possible. Mere decades ago, we spent endless hours and countless dollars before marriage courting and wooing; after marriage, we shouldered the entire financial burden for our families.

Now, after marriage, women can be expected to pay for half of everything, which is to the good, because video games are expensive. But, as more and more of you are discovering, why bother with marriage at all anymore? You can stay up all night, hang with your buds all the time, secure in the knowledge that on any given night you can be sure to find a willing woman, a woman who has likely been taught, conditioned even (by other women!) to expect nothing from you in return — and that this is a good thing.

Patterson, no doubt you will hearing from the Club Membership Committee.  Prepare to forfeit your de-coder ring and beer stein!

Read the whole thing.


  1. For years I have been saying that all feminism has done is make the world safe for Neanderthals.

  2. Anita, thats a bad rap on Neanderthals. They had their women stay home and supervise the kids drawing on cave walls while Pappa Og went out mammoth hunting.

    These days our meterosexual "girly-men" think it's the height of smooth to be supported by the bimbo of the moment.

  3. Subvet: You mean, Og, the mighty King of Bashan? He's in the Bible. :)

    (In Spanish, I usually see him written as "Hog" (mute "h"). No wonder the Hebrews hated him.

  4. Brilliant piece.
    Ladies, the truth hurts... can we handle it??